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small business resources.

Small businesses, and particularly home based businesses, must operate efficiently or they will never be profitable. Computer training and help is a primary small business resource where we can be of service. Computer education can be provided on a broad range of topics including your own custom software. We train your employees in their own offices on Windows operations, Microsoft Office applications, contact management software or customer relationship management software such as Act 2000, and many more.

This section of the site is devoted to offering computer help and computer education to work at home businesses and professionals, or anyone who spends

Capturing addresses for your contact manager can be a real chore. For a great time-saver, try this software package from eGrabber.

You can import contact information from any Email, web page or document into ACT!, GoldMine, Outlook, Palm and many other popular Address Books.

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 time on a computer and would like to be more efficient. It is starting small, but will grow as we have the time to add more material. We provide basic computer tips, but can also address useful information on many more topics that may be suggested by our readers.

IT Outsourcing

We can provide complete computer support for your systems remotely, saving you time and money by increasing the up time of your systems and personnel, and by reducing your cost of operating an IT department.

See the description of our outsourcing solution for more information.


We are interested in meeting your needs for computer training and computer education, so it would be helpful to us all if you make suggestions regarding the kinds of computer help you would find useful to have included here. Please use the e-mail address below to send us mail, or go to the forum and post your comments there.  You might also be interested in subscribing to our newsletter, which you can do at the bottom of this page.

Through our network of contacts, we have access to advice from professionals in a wide range of businesses who can provide meaningful support to small business in many topics. Many small businesses find a need for additional network support to maintain their computer systems. We can provide computer network management remotely, and have help desk support available for your employees at their telephone.

We encourage questions and comments on any subject, which we will attempt to answer for the benefit of all. In a public forum, these questions and answers must be general rather than specific to your business or current situation.


An example of our "specialist" contacts is in "six sigma", total quality management, strategic planning, goal setting, team building, employee motivation, and statistical process control.


Small businesses can save money and improve performance by engaging our outsourcing specialists to enhance or replace their in-house staff.
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