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This page is used to make selected files available for review or download by users of my web site.  Current sections include:


[MS Project 2000]   [Web Commerce]   [Internet Marketing Roster]   [Child Advocates]

[RCA files]


To download any of the files provided, 'right-click' on the link and choose 'Save target as' from the drop down menu.  Then browse to the directory where you want to store the file.

'Left clicking' on the link will open the file, but requires that you have the host software installed on your system.

MS Project 2000  

Demo project for exploring how Project calculates resources, duration & work associated with various kinds of tasks.

Updated 7/15/02

Spreadsheet illustration of calculation rules used by Project 2000.

Updated 7/15/02

Workbook files to accompany the ComputerPrep Project 2000 Learning Guide manuals used in the training.     Module I      Module II


Updated 7/15/02

Internet e-Commerce  

"Winning on the Web", a publication from NetIQ that describes some basic principles of how to make your commercial activities on the Internet productive.  The document emphasizes the importance of having comprehensive and reliable information about the traffic on your site.


Updated 7/15/02

Internet Marketing Class  

Downloadable roster of the class membership in ".pdf" format.


Updated 4/7/2003

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