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Small Business Promotion.

Does your web site design deliver traffic to your small business? Internet marketing consulting is a specialized skill and requires careful preparation of your material in consideration of the peculiar requirements of the medium if you want to maximize your internet business opportunities. You must employ the techniques of effective internet marketing, search engine optimization and web site promotion.

IT Outsourcing

We can provide complete computer support for your systems remotely, saving you time and money by increasing the up time of your systems and personnel, and by reducing your cost of operating an IT department.

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Small businesses who create web sites to market or promote their businesses do not have the luxury of widespread name recognition that the Fortune 500 have. They must compete on a lower budget with other businesses for attention of the internet shopper. This means that their site must be something that search engines will find and direct shoppers to when they are searching.  They must understand how to design a web page for effective search engine marketing.

Measure your business performance. Improve your marketing over the Internet to increase revenue and profit from more sales prospects!Here is a simple test you can do to determine how effective your site is. Identify a term that pertains to your business that someone might be looking for over the Internet. For example, if a dry cleaner had a site, the search term might be "dry clean", or perhaps "quality dry clean", or even "fine clothing", for someone who is looking for a cleaner who won't ruin their expensive things.

Go to a search engine on the internet. Any one that you use will work, but you might consider Google or Yahoo, since they represent 90% of all searches.

For information about businesses that have created successful Internet operations, in some cases completely superseding their existing "brick & mortar" operations, check out our library of articles.

Enter the search term and do the search to see how many web pages or sites you get. Then start with the first site on the list returned and go down the list until you come to your site. If you have to go past the thirtieth entry, you can imagine that your site will not produce much business for you.

To be effective, your site should appear on the first page of sites that the searcher finds. We can help you identify the terms you should use and the other web design features that can make a difference in the effectiveness of your site as a marketing tool.

We will review your site for you to determine how effectively it will market your business, and give you a written report summarizing the results and providing recommendations and web page design tips that you can use to improve the performance of your site. (Click here to see an example of client sites that work for their owners.)

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