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Using the internet begins with establishing a connection to a server.Are you there?  Do you have modern, effective access to this new medium, or are you still trying to communicate through a "tin can" technology? This involves several different steps.  There must be a way for the signal to get from your computer to the internet, and this usually means a modem and a telephone line. At the low end, this means a standard telephone line, but it could be a DSL line, a cable connection, or even  wireless hookup of some kind.

There must be a server for you to connect to, and this is an "Internet Service Provider" ("ISP"). This is who you pay to handle your account and your access to the internet. AOL and Earthlink are well-known ISP's, but there are many, many others, from national providers to regional to local to "the guy next door" who operates his own server. Features and services vary widely, so you must select your ISP based on what your needs are going to be. Your ISP will provide you with the necessary software and instructions to make your connection.

After connecting to the internet, you will be using several software applications to communicate. Your e-mail client may be Outlook or Eudora, or something else. Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator are the two most common browsers, but there are many more to choose from here, too. Many other software applications may come into play for specific purposes, but these will meet your initial basic needs.

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