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My objective as a small business consultant is to help small businesses utilize technology more effectively in their businesses. One of the major technological innovations that businesses must deal with today is the Internet.

Business owners today are frequently told, "you should have aDoes the topic of "marketing on the internet" make your glasses fog up?  We can remove the cloud from your lenses! web site!"  While perhaps willing to agree that they should "have a web site", most do not know what kind of web site they "should" have, and, more importantly, what it can do for their business.

I have focused my web design efforts on learning what must be done to create a web site that will increase the number of prospects who are drawn to your site, in order for you to present them with your sales message. I have been greatly surprised to learn that this is not the approach taken by most web developers.

The two elements of web design that have gotten the most attention are "appearance" and "usability". Designers have generally been more effective in delivering appearance than usability, which is more complex to define and harder to achieve. Neither of these design principals, either alone or together, is sufficient to deliver prospects to your site. I supply the information on how to do that.

At the same time, small businesses are always very cost conscious. Using new technology Learn what you need to know about the Internet to maximize your business opportunity. doesn't have to be very expensive, but mistakes can be very costly. In order to meet the needs of our small business clients for information about this important topic in a manner that is consistent with keeping the costs of learning low, we are offering in Houston, Texas, a series of regular "luncheon seminars" devoted to the issues of web marketing.

Attendance will be limited to six participants, at a price of $75 per person, which will include lunch. Advance reservations are required. Please confirm the date and your attendance with me for each session. Payment is expected by cash or check upon arrival for the lunch, or in advance by credit card on this site.

Sessions may be scheduled to be convenient to your personnel by contacting me directly.  


Emphasis is on open discussion with lots of time for specific questions about your business. Follow up on specific questions is available as needed.

Topics list:

  • How to use the Internet in your business.Prospects coming to your business is what internet marketing is all about!

  • How to create a web site that will bring prospects to your business.

  • How to get more traffic to your existing web site.

  • What can a web site do for your business?

  • Marketing a service business over the Internet.

Additional topics for future sessions will be developed within the discussions.

Chianti Restaurant is located at 1515 S. Post Oak Lane near the Galleria, (713) 840-0303.

Call or write us now to arrange for a free initial brief review of your web site to see how you can improve it to bring you more business.



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