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A little coaching makes the difference!  We can give you the start that will make you more effective.We can help you set up records and procedures in your "work at home" home-based business that will save you

 time and trouble in the future.  Remember, when you operate from home, you have no one else to rely on for immediate support. For example, here are a few tips that can help you avoid significant headaches with your computer:

  1. Make sure you set aside all the computer CD's, disks, and manuals that come with your computer and your software.  There are many reasons why you might need to reinstall something, and these resources become critical to your being able to do so.

  2. Make a separate record of all serial numbers on everything you acquire.  These numbers may be required to reinstall the software, or to get help from the developer.

  3. Keep a record of all sites that you sign up for on the internet, and record your user names and passwords.  Sites have different requirements for the configuration of names and passwords that prevent you from using the same identification at all locations.  You will soon lose track of what codes you have used if you don't have an accessible record. (Click here for a very handy tool.)

  4. Note the phone numbers of support services for each application you operate, and for your computer and your operating system.  Avoid the frustration of having your computer stop working, only to realize that the only place you have this information stored is on the computer.

  5. Be sure that you have virus protection software installed, and, definitely, keep your virus definitions up-to-date.  New viruses are created every day, and you are not protected from them until you have installed the definition in your software. (Click here to see where to learn more about viruses.)

  6. Identify the files that are most important to you and back themSafety first!  You need to think about your protection before you need it! up frequently.  Establish a backup routine, and stick to it.  Hard drives do crash, and important files do get lost in a variety of ways.  When it happens to you, you are sure to say, "I wish I had backed up more often."  If you haven't backed up at all, you really have a problem.  (Click here to learn more about online backup options.)

  7. There are two directories that hold temporary files that should be cleaned out periodically, "C:/Windows/Temporary Internet Files", and "C:/Windows/temp", in order to keep your computer "peppy" and responsive.  It is not hard to maintain these properly, but, if you have any questions about the process, don't!  Deleting files from your computer always introduces the potential for problems.  Get some help if you need it!

  8. Empty your Recycle Bin!

  9. Your hard disk(s) should be "de-fragmented" periodically, or your response time when loading files (which happens constantly) will deteriorate. This is another maintenance task which is basically straightforward, but which can befuddle lots of users.  Get whatever help or support you need to get it done and to learn how to do it properly yourself.

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Call or write us today for a free consultation to see how we may be able to help you become more effective in your use of computer technology and computer software to support and operate your business.


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