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home office computer support

Do you work at home as a lawyer or attorney, consultant, cpa, or other type professional business?  If so, you know the frustration and inefficiency of having to learn how to use your computer applications on your own without any support.

As a provider of professional services working from home, you know that "time is money", and anything that will save you time for your work at home business is worth your consideration.  As computer technology changes, youWork piling up? Tips on home office organization help. Home based business requires support. face a constant struggle to keep up your skills.  The computer software and equipment that you have invested in has many more features than you are able to learn to utilize without a substantial commitment of time and energy.  Consider how having a "management consultant" to support your professional development, and show you how to use the features that will be of most benefit to you, can make you immediately productive with new and unfamiliar computer software applications. (Click here for a client comment.)

The kind of help and support we can provide ranges from finding the right software for the job and getting the right computer hardware, to pointing out ways to apply features to your particular home-based operations, to helping you set up templates that simplify your preparation of materials that you use frequently in your home-based business.  We can help you locate the sites on the internet that are most pertinent to your home-based business.  We can help explain what the manuals say and how it can apply to you. (Click here to find where to look up unfamiliar terms.)

For information about businesses that have created successful Internet operations, in some cases completely superseding their existing "brick & mortar" operations, check out our library of articles.

Are you wondering whether the Internet can help you with your business? We can visit with you about your specific situation and opportunities, or you could join a regular group of other business people who meet to discuss the Internet and its application to business problems. Should you have a web site to help promote your business? Let us evaluate the prospects and show you how the web can help you.

A little coaching makes the difference in your home business performance!  A consultants knowledge and experience can prepare you to deal with the problems in your retirement business.  A good coach never goes into the game, but the team plays better.We can help you set up records and procedures that will save you time and trouble in the future.  For example, here are a few tips that can help you avoid significant headaches.




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Call or write us today for a free consultation (by phone or e-mail) to see how we may be able to help you become more effective in your use of computer technology and computer software to support and operate your business.


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