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Are you looking for computer software to improve your business or to replace existing computer systems?  We can help you find what you need and determine whether it will really meet all your objectives or not.

Many businesses waste time and resources by acquiring computer softToo much of a hill to climb?  The smallest problem can become serious if you are not prepared for it.  If you start from a standstill, a small bump can inhibit your progress.ware that turns out to not meet their needs.  Vendors of software will often “oversell” their product, assuring you that their application will “handle all your requirements.”  You may benefit from having someone with more computer experience review your requirements and the features of the software that you are considering before you make the investment of money and effort that it takes to determine whether the software is really adequate for your purposes. (Click here to see what our support could do for you.)

The internet makes it possible to find many alternatives How do they fit together?  There are a lot of choices to be made, and some work well together, while others don't.  Do you know the difference? when seeking a new application to support your business.  Some may be what you need, but many more will not be appropriate, and will cost you substantially if you make the mistake of buying them.  Some of the questions you will want to consider include:

  • Does the application offer all the features that you will need?

  • Is the application reliable and ”bug free”?

  • Will it run on your current computer configuration?

  • Is it compatible with other software that you are dependent upon?

  • Will it be easy for your personnel to learn and operate?

  • Is it developed on a current software platform, or is it written in a language that is obsolescent?

  • Does the vendor provide adequate documentation for the users of the software?

  • Is the vendor a stable, reliable provider that you can depend upon as long as you plan to use the application?

  • What value will the application be to you if the vendor stops supporting it?

  • Is the vendor committed to enhancing the software in the future?

The answers to these and many other questions will determine the viability of any particular application for your business.  Does your staff have the time and experience to be able to answer all these questions accurately in a timely fashion while they are continuing to carry out their other responsibilities?  Most businesses do not keep that level of resources on hand and would benefit from engaging an outside consultant who can work  on this demanding and critical project without jeopardizing other important business functions.

We can search the internet thoroughly for all the software that is available that might meet your needs, evaluate the relevant features of the applications in regard to your particular operations, consider the You're a winner when you "break through" the barriers to progress.! attributes of the vendor of the software, check references on the vendor and the software, and compare multiple applications to help you determine which would be better suited for your purposes, all without interfering with your normal business operations.


Call or write us today for a free consultation (by phone or e-mail) to see how we may be able to help you make the best decision for the future of your business.


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