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Server Monitoring

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The purpose of remote monitoring is to anticipate serious problems before they start having a negative impact on the users’ ability to carry out their work, or even before they occur.

System monitoring provides instant notification of system problems and changes. Our analysts receive notifications with a system alert when critical servers go down, when their hard disk fills up beyond a specified threshold, when users alter their configurations, or anything that affects the server software security. Typical conditions monitored are as follows:

  • When the server goes offline.

  • When server is running low on disk space.

  • When hardware configuration changes.

  • When any software application is added or removed.

  • When a specific or any event log entry is generated.

  • When any protection policy violation occurs.

  • When any script fails execution.

  • When an unapproved application attempts to access network.

  • When an unapproved application attempts to access a protected file.

In addition to generating alert notifications when event log entries are generated, event log entries collected from the monitored servers are stored on our own monitoring server database.



(We are a USA based company and your support is US outsourced. We do not utilize offshore personnel for our remote support services! Our support personnel who will be serving you are located in Houston, Texas, in the Central Time Zone.)


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