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Patch Management


Patch management is an issue today for all Information Technology ("IT") managers. In the not too distant past, patches were changes to software that had to be applied to keep the software up-to-date, and could sometimes be ignored, or, at least, delayed, if you did not need the new features provided in the patch. In today's world, patches are often security related changes to software that should be installed in order to protect your system from viruses, worms, and other threats that abound. Gartner analysts have estimated that nearly 90% of attacks involve vulnerabilities for which there are known patches.

Every business needs to define a patch management policy to ensure that its critical information is protected. The first thing to do is identify which systems and applications require updates and how often the updates should be applied. Patching systems is another task that should be performed regularly by your IT Department, and is another load on your resources.

You'll need a list of all your systems and applications broken down into their component pieces: firmware, operating systems, frameworks, class files, middleware, applications, etc. For each of these components, you'll have to decide which you want to actively patch, which you will only change if you experience problems, and which have dependencies. For example, if you update your version of the Java runtime environment, do you need to upgrade some of your class files, as well?

Another concern that your IT management must address is, "will the patch introduce other problems into our operations?" Not all patches are trouble-free and application of needed patches can create conflicts with other systems or applications. Your patch management program must provide for a procedure for testing patches and for ensuring a convenient recovery path in the event of such problems occurring.



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