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Information Technology Assessment 

Every business should periodically review and evaluate its Information Technology department operations. Our solution provider team can provide you with a professional review of your operations that will serve you as a solid foundation for making modifications to improve efficiency and effectiveness, as well as security and protection of your valuable information resources.

Our comprehensive review will include the following items:

  • An inventory of all hardware & software in use is the beginning of our IT assessment.

  • An evaluation of software license compliance on all software to ensure that your company is not violating any legal restrictions on use of software.

  • An evaluation of software patch & update status to ensure that all your software is updated to the latest applicable standards.

  • An analysis and evaluation of your hardware sufficiency to ensure that your equipment is adequate for the tasks you are expecting it to accomplish for your business. This will include a review of disk space utilization on all machines.

  • An evaluation of backup strategy to ensure that your valuable data is protected and available for recovery should such a need arise.

  • An analysis of antivirus & spyware protection effectiveness to ensure that your systems are protected against outside threats introduced by Internet access or transfer of information into your systems from other sources.

  • Preparation of a plan of action for cleaning up any problems discovered in the assessment.

  • Preparation of a proactive maintenance program for temporary files, regular disk fragmentation, spyware cleaning, and other tasks that are required to keep your systems operating at peak efficiency and effectiveness in the future.

After you have reviewed your current IT operations, you may want to consider outsourcing your IT functions to a complete IT solution provider  to improve your efficiency and reliability. We offer professional support remotely through out IT outsourcing program that can reduce your employee downtime and your costs of computer support substantially. You can benefit by reducing the direct cost of your IT management expenses, and by reducing the downtime experienced by your employees while waiting for computer support from an in-house IT department.

Write us today to request more information on our IT assessment 'snapshot' of your IT infrastructure costs and performance.




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