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After having a successful career in the apartment industry for over 27 years, Nancè Wells, got tired of making other people money and decided to venture out on her own

Nancè now owns and operates two small businesses.   In 1993 she opened her first one called VIP SERVICES, which now has 16 employees and revenues of over 2.7 million dollars a year.  VIP SERVICES is a private passport and visa expediting service.  In 1996 Nancè ranked #38 as one of Houston’s fastest growing private companies based on percentage sales increase from 1993-1995.  

Her substantial web site traffic is due to the site’s high rankings in search engines.  For example, her site recently (10/02) ranked 16 of 457,000 sites found by Google on the word “passports”, and 8 of 65,900 on the term, “passport renewal”.

In February 2002, Nancè launched her second company called Arthritis MSM Supplement CenterMarketed only thru the internet, this business has produced an income of $70,000.00 in its first 9 months. Nancè credits the success of her new home based business to her own business experience and her internet marketing skills, and believes that the internet is the single most valuable marketing tool today.

Her web marketing effectiveness is reflected in her rankings for the term “msm supplements”, 3 & 4 of 70,600 pages. 

In contrast to other forms of advertising, effective web promotion is inexpensive.  Development of a print advertisement involves an investment, just as the creation of a web site does.  Print advertising also costs money to “place” the ad effectively, but a properly designed website “places” itself with no further investment.  Once established, a web site works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, around the entire world, without incurring a “renewal” fee for as long as the site is active.

Would you like to understand the Internet marketing process better, as Nancè did?  We have some Internet marketing  tips that might help you to improve your own business.

Interested in starting your own business? See "Start a Web Business".

The web sites of both businesses are particularly interesting in that they utilize almost no graphics in their web page design.  Nancè’ has learned that graphics do not contribute to search engine positioning, and she maintains her focus on her sites as tools to increase sales, or “business generators” for her businesses.

Nancè’ feels that understanding how the internet works is the key to success in small business, and that getting your site developed properly can substantially increase the revenues that your business generates.


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