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  Annie Dubois was losing patience. In her practice as a specialist working to correct children's eye muscle deficiencies she was used to setting a course of action and getting results. But in her new part time home based business she was getting nowhere. She remained convinced that starting a small business selling Mexican food and gifts could and would be a fabulous internet business opportunity. Yet here she was thousands of dollars and five months later, having hired and fired two different developers for web site design and an "expert' in small business marketing and web site promotions. The web page designs they had prepared certainly looked attractive. Only problem was, hardly anyone visited the site and there were no sales! Annie really began to worry whether she could salvage and her dream of a home based business in gourmet Mexican food.

Then she heard about how to design a web page using the concepts of search engine optimization. She was surprised to discover that effective web design techniques and web design principles are not synonymous with good design for brochures, or magazine and newspaper advertisements. She learned that the best web designs utilize strategic key words that generate high computer search engine rankings. What a difference it made when Annie hired a web consultant who addressed the right web design issues!

Her site now attracts 50,000 visitors a month, compared to the previous total of 3,000 in 5 months; her home business comes up in the listings ahead of corporations like Ortega and Taco Bell. In the first half of this year, Annie's small business was able to increase sales 500%. Maybe it is not such a small business any more.

Perhaps you wonder how a French Canadian named Dubois from Montreal, Quebec came to choose TexMex food as a home based business. Annie moved to Houston and just fell in love with the sauces and spices she found in the city's numerous Mexican restaurants. French food may be elegant but "there is nothing to compare to the flavors of Mexican cuisine."

And with the success of her first at home business venture, Annie finds herself inspired with more and more home business ideas. She recently joined with partners in two small businesses doing internet sales of medical equipment and home appliances. Annie is also starting her own new web site promotion of eyewear. Knowing that work at home business can be lucrative and fun, Annie has changed her career and retirement plans.

Would you like to understand the Internet marketing process better, as Annie did?  We have some Internet marketing  tips that might help you to improve your own business.

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To others who might be considering home business opportunities or small business startups as a way to change lifestyle or to enhance income without high starting costs, Annie advises, "There is a huge difference among web design companies. With the right web design help, you can make your home business idea a huge success. Go for it!"


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