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Dualloy Engineering Polymers Ltd. has been in business since 2000, and we have had a site posted on the web since 2001. Dualloy has never had any real activity from our web site, because we would never rank in the first several pages of any search. Dualloy is a plastics sales and plastics recycling (click this link to go to the site) company based out of Hong Kong. In addition to our main sales office in Hong Kong, we have a sales/purchasing office in Houston, TX, and a sales office/warehouse in Guangzhou, China. As a recycling company we develop in-house plastic recycling programs for the large plastic polymer manufacturers in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. The main types of plastic that we focus on recycling and selling are: Nylon 66, Nylon 6, Acrylic (PMMA), TPO, TPE, TPU, and styrene block copolymers (SEBS, SIS, SBS). Through our plastic recycling programs we purchase second quality (wide-specification) pellets and fiber, and the polymer plant scrap and waste that they generate for sale to our customers in Asia. Our sales focus is on direct sales to end use plastic processors and plastic compounding companies around the world, but our main markets at this time are North America and China/Pacific Rim.

I ended up signing up for the Internet Marketing Clinic, because I wanted to stay current with issues and technology in regards to the internet. As you know, computer technology changes every 15-18 months or faster, so I felt this class would keep me on top of the ever changing computer and internet world. Once I started taking the class I realized this was the answer to improving our company’s performance on the web. So after taking the class for about 9 months I had a good knowledge base for rewriting our company web page in a way that has allowed Dualloy to move up considerably in the Google ranking.

After posting our new web page in mid-November 2009 Dualloy’s web ranking has improved dramatically. We have gone from not even showing up in the first 5 pages, to ranking #1 in over 25 keyword search terms related specifically to nylon 66, nylon 6, and acrylic sales and recycling.

This is what I did in a nutshell - Come to the Internet Marketing Clinic and practice what you learn.

First of all I looked at the top ranking web pages in the nylon and acrylic sales and recycling business to see what they were doing right. Then I really looked at the pages of my largest competitors to see what they were doing wrong. In the plastics business Dualloy competes against billion dollar corporations like DuPont, Invista S.a.r.l., BASF, and Honeywell, but none of these companies were ranking on good keyword phrases like “sells nylon 66 plastic”. I could see from their web page designs they expected you to find them by typing in their company name, and not by actually looking for acrylic or nylon.

After doing my initial research of the competition on the web, I used Google adwords to research the keywords and keyword phrases that were relevant to plastic sales and plastic recycling. Then after determining which key words I wanted to use, I used them throughout the webpage as we have discussed in class.

I developed a new Meta Title for every page, that is product and service specific for our industry in regards to that page. Then I listed all of those keyword phrases (and more) into the Meta Keyword file. For the Meta Description I wrote a new description for each page that used the main keywords in the Meta Title specifically selected for that page.

In developing the actual text of the web page, I used multiple keywords in the Header 1, Sub Headers, and the body of the text. When appropriate I used Bold letters in the text to highlight keywords and keyword phrases. I made sure that there are at least 500 or more Google readable words on every page. I used inner links from page to page within the web site.

The Dualloy web page design was done in a Google readable friendly manner as well. I used the top margin first for my Header 1 that includes keywords. Then I used the keywords as tabs to links down the left column of the webpage. Then I used the keywords in the first 200 words in the top center column of the text of the document.

The success of the web page shows how good focused keyword phrase selection, and web design layout will dramatically improve your SEO ranking. You name it, and I did what we discuss in class to achieve the results listed below.

Look at how many phrases you can change out the words nylon 66, acrylic and nylon 6, and the phrase keeps ranking well. Plus if you take any of the phrases and add Houston, Texas, Hong Kong, or China to the end of the phrase, Dualloy will probably rank # 1in that search.

Keyword Phrases Rank No. in Search
  1. Recycled Acrylic Sales
2. Acrylic Recycling Sales
3. Nylon 6 recycling sales
4. Sells nylon 66 plastic
5. Recycled Nylon Plastic sales
6. PMMA acrylic recycling programs
7. DuPont nylon recycled plastic sales
8. Nylon 66 resin recycling
9. Nylon 66 plastic sales
10. PA 66 polymer sales
11. Nylon 66 polymer sales
12. Nylon 66 plastic recycling
13. Nylon 66 recycling sales
14. Nylon 66 Houston Texas
15. Nylon 66 Houston TX Sales
16. Zytel 101 recycling
17. Sell acrylic recycled plastic
18. Sell acrylic recycled plastic Hong Kong
19. Sell acrylic recycled plastic Houston
20. Sell acrylic recycled plastic Texas
21. Sell acrylic recycled plastic china
22. Sell pa 66 plastic
23. Nylon 66 Hong Kong
24. Sells nylon 66 polymer
25. Nylon 66 recycling programs
26. Nylon 6 recycling programs
27. Nylon 66 recycling
28. DuPont nylon plastic sales
29. Sells Honeywell recycled plastic
30. Sell BASF recycled plastic
31. Sells DuPont recycled plastic
32. Sells recycled nylon 66
33. Sells recycled nylon 6
34. Sells recycled pmma
35. Sells recycled acrylic
36. Recycled acrylic sales
37. Recycled nylon 66 sales
38. Recycled nylon 6 sales

1 – 7,970,000

1 – 629,000

1 – 324,000

1 – 278,000

1 – 149,000

1 – 55,800

1 – 37,900

1 – 32,900

1 – 29,200

1– 27,200

1 – 19,100

1 – 13,700

1 - 13,400

1 – 22,600

1 – 10,900

1 - 7,590

1 – 37,900

1 – 45,500

1 – 6,060

1 – 10,200

2 – 137,000

2 – 269,000

2 – 55,200

2 – 12,700

6 – 184,000

9 – 75,000

9 - 29,100

9 – 24,500

1 – 6,060

2 – 3,950

5 – 12,000

1 – 10,800

2 – 31,000

1 – 25,000

1 – 461,000

1 – 7,790,000

2 – 13,200

3 – 58,000

I structured my web page with keywords that are interchangeable for the materials that we sell. Plastic, Polymers and Resin. If you place either of these 3 words in the search phrase Dualloy will still show up and rank as #1, or be very close to the top. I used the same technique for Nylon 66 (PA66) and Acrylic (PMMA), and usually it works if you put nylon 6 (PA6)in the search phrase as well.

The best part is that almost every day I get at least one new business contact via email from the newly posted web page.
Our page was posted on the web on Nov. 10th, but not fully functional until around Nov. 15th.

In that time we have had:
• 245 New visits
• 625 Pages viewed
• 2.55 Pages viewed / visit
• 2.36 Average time on site

We have had 245 new visitors to our site from 41 countries.
• 92 from the USA
• 32 visits from Hong Kong
• 19 visits from mainland China
• 17 visits from India

I have gotten some good sales leads from the new web contacts, and we are seeing good activity in our main markets in the USA, HK, China, and India. I hope to have confirmed my first new sale from the site by the end of next week.


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