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For Joe, Christmastime was even more fun as an adult than as a child. For over 20 years he had been setting up seasonal stores in large regional malls from Florida to California through his company, A Touch of Christmas, and he loved doing it. Joe was proud of his creative merchandising that could lure shoppers with his eye-catching windows and in-store displays. But now he faced a dilemma. The demands of the travel and the physical work of mounting displays were getting to be too much. He was ready for a work at home business. The question became how to transform his success in retail to success on the internet. What were the computer tips and tricks and creative secrets of web site promotions that would correspond to and replace his special techniques for in-store sales and display?

What followed were some internet marketing, computer literacy and web design classes, and meetings with internet consultants familiar with professional web design for home internet businesses. Learning a few basic web design principles and web design techniques helped demystify the foreign language of servers and search engines, hosts and urls and isps. Joe became confident that he has what it takes to join the ranks of successful small business owners of home based businesses.

From all the business consulting, internet consulting, web design tutorials, Joe soon concluded that internet shoppers were not so different from the retail mall shoppers that he understood so well. His mall displays and demonstrations would entice both the ambling window shoppers, with nothing specific in mind, but looking for something to grab their attention, and the very directed customers looking to buy specific products. Now he learned that he could construct web page designs to do the same for his home internet business. To be a successful merchant on the internet, the merchandise you use to lure surfers - the internet equivalent of window shoppers – is information. Using web page design tips, Joe wrote reams of Christmas stories, histories, collections of jokes and trivia and traditions and customs, “how to” articles - all chock full of interesting information, and he employed web consultants who were experts on the computer tips that would enhance customer traffic. And just as he did with his window displays in the malls, Joe created his web page design to also attract to his site the shoppers ready to purchase from his vast range of Christmas products- trees and decorations and gifts.

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Designing a web page is not a one time event, he knows. Even with the best web design, as with the best retail display, it is important to continue to make adjustments. Beyond the basic web design, it is important to constantly add new links and features. While Joe learned that internet marketing is complex and the specifics do differ from his previous marketing experience, he also learned that with some internet consultant and web design help he could within a short time become a profitable merchant on the internet and successfully work at home online. Joe says that good web design has made his site, Christmas Decorations & Gifts Store, “shine with the glitter of internet gold” like a hillside location during the California gold rush. Indeed it is a satisfying online business opportunity to bring people a Merry Christmas.
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