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Client Benefit Examples


See what some of our clients are saying about the services we provide:


"Wow! ... I can go out and do things on my own."


Wow! You took a below technically below zero person and patiently taught and brought me to a web site that does what I want it to do. Plus you are always there to grab my wrist and pull me up out of the holes I create. With your help, I have discovered the huge difference between writing books and writing and posting on a web in such a way that people can find their ways around and want to read resources. Thank you for explaining processes so I can go out and do things on my own. I appreciate what you have done and are doing for me.


"You showed us how to have the website we want and one in which we can make the changes on our own time table with no costs involved."

I want to thank you for the invaluable and trusted help that you have given us over the past few years. As you know, we have literally spent tens of thousands of dollars on website development. Actually we have had 3 full web sites prior to meeting you. You showed us how to have the website we want and one in which we can make the changes on our own time table with no costs involved. In addition, you have helped us optimize our website so that our rankings now make us competitive in a very competitive field.

As a person who is technologically challenged at times, I appreciate the fact that you have always spoken about the needed changes and optimization challenges in a practical and easily understood manner and walked us through the processes.

We would be lost without your invaluable help. Thank you again.


"The phone is ringing and we are busier than ever. "


I want to take a moment to thank you for the incredible work you did for our company. Before we met you we spent thousands of dollars with an industry consultant who sold us a website and SEO package. Not only did our ratings cave after her "expert team" completed our design, but she explained the negative web response by trying to sell us more features.

After taking some of your classes at the Small Business Development Center, I was impressed with your expertise. I ask a few of your customers and several of the counselors at Small Business Development Center about your work and received excellent recommendations. After contacting you, you reviewed our website and then met with our team, proposal in hand. You gave us a detailed overview-short term and long term-of what was needed for an effective website. You gave us time lines and outlined costs. We signed on and you started working before the check hit the bank.

You have completely reversed our negative web presence. We have number one and/or page one rankings on almost all the keywords that are relevant to our company. You have helped us put systems in place that continue to garner us high rankings.

The phone is ringing and we are busier than ever. We are completely thrilled with the outcome of your services and give you an unqualified excellent recommendation.

Through the process of changing our website you have been a steady and patient trainer. You make yourself readily available. You take the time to explain each phase as we are going through it, why the process is in place and what the company must do to improve and maintain its rankings. You possess a unique mix of technological and business savvy with training expertise.

Thank you again for the wonderful work. I would be happy to provide a reference for you at your request.



"We have more than made back our investment in new, high-quality paying clients."


"Having been involved in the original design of our website, I was sure that we were already getting as many quality "hits" and inquiries as were possible. But when Dick Myers showed me a statistical analysis demonstrating how we ranked in the various search engines I knew we had to take action to improve this part of our marketing."
Understanding web promotion helps!
"Dick showed us how to rework the language and the design of our site to improve our rankings and make it easier for our potential customers to find us."

"Within weeks of our redoing the site (a relatively painless operation), we almost tripled the number of qualified leads we were getting in specific target areas of our business. And, a higher percentage of these leads were converted to paying customers. We have more than made back our investment in new, high-quality paying clients. We will certainly be continuing our relationship with Dick Myers and Computer Productivity Consulting."


"We've had 100 guys come in here to talk about our web site, but no one gave us the kind of useful information you did."


When you realize you can improve a situation, take action!A retail jeweler had created a web site through an on-line mall provider. They were achieving some sales through the site, but had no real marketing built into the design. The site developers had provided a list of "things you can do to promote your site", but had not provided any direct marketing for the site beyond listing it in the mall directory and submitting it to a few search engines.

After pointing out numerous ways that the marketing could be improved, even within the existing structure of the site on the mall, the jeweler elected to commit to a new, effectively designed site.  Work begins in May 2001.


"This is the kind of follow-through and communication Ihooray!! thought only happened in dreams."


This small business client had a number of problems that included modifications to a web site that was not producing the business leads that it should, difficulty in finding appropriate software for operations support, upgrades needed to office equipment and support arrangements for the resulting improvements, and a  slow internet connection that was hampering the ability to communicate effectively with clients.  After the initial visit, we provided an outline of the steps that needed to be taken to correct the problems, and immediately scheduled visits with specialists in each of the areas to discuss specific alternatives.


"Thanks for trying to help us with all our computer problems. I finally feel we have someone in our corner."


we can do it together!An operating group within a larger organization needed local computer and software support for a critical application, but the support team for the parent organization was located 250 miles away.  We were able to visit and work with them to provide direct, personalized support, explaining issues about software configurations, installing new equipment, and clearing up problems with internet connections.  Our experience with the critical application was an added benefit to the client in this case. 


"Your involvement in our project saved us $150,000!what my business needs!"


A chain of quick service restaurants needed to upgrade its software that provided all its management information on the operation of its business.  Unfortunately, the software developer had been acquired by another company and was no longer supporting the POS ("Point Of Sale") equipment in use in the stores. The supplier of the POS equipment had a software application intended to meet the reporting needs, but it did not report in a manner that was consistent with the structure of the client's business. 

Our support enabled them to identify a different software application in use in California, from a developer who was not currently operating in Texas, and to coordinate the communication between vendors to make the system work for them. Their only other alternative was to upgrade all their POS equipment in all stores in order to changeover to a different management reporting application.  This was a substantial cost avoidance, and does not consider the additional business disruption that would have occurred if their managers had to learn an entirely new system.


"I would never have gotten it done by myself!"

It was getting to me! An attorney working from his home office had not been able to retrieve his e-mail for months. He did not have the time or experience to investigate the cause, and was getting along without his communication. We determined that he had cable service installed in his home, and recommended that he sign up for internet access through his cable connection. We helped make the arrangements, recommended and installed some upgrades to the office software that he was using, and showed him how to search for legal documents and references over the internet. As we left his office after showing him the internet search that he now had available, he was online, reviewing a legal brief pertaining to a matter he was currently handling for a client.


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