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biography of 

Richard G. Myers

Dick Myers is owner of Small Business Consultants, specializing in providing business executives and owners with advice on improving business results through improved utilization of new technology and computer systems. Dick specifically brings to his clients little known techniques for guaranteeing that their company's web page will raise to the TOP of every Major Internet Search Engine inquiry!

Dick conducts a free two hour clinic on Internet Marketing techniques Wednesday evenings. More information on the clinic location and schedule can be found here.

Dick is also a Certified Mediator trained to work in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Business Background
Dick's information technology and consulting experience is both deep and wide. His business career began with Arthur Young & Company in New York City where he was introduced to computer systems, architecture, programming, and consulting. Over the next 10 years his assignments included development of inventory control systems and implementation of many types of information systems throughout large corporate organizations, as well as management reviews of organizations.

Returning to Houston, he decided to obtain his real estate brokers license and for the next 7 years enjoyed the real estate business as a developer of residential properties, and a broker of commercial properties around Texas. This experience gave Dick a "real world" appreciation for the challenges and opportunities faced by all small business owners. 

In 1985, with the major downturn in Houston's economic and real estate business, he joined American General Investment Corporation, Real Estate Equities Division, where he was responsible for overseeing assorted real estate investments across the entire United States. Over the next 13 years he also developed database and many other computer-based applications for use in several divisions of the Company. 

Since leaving the company in 1998, Dick has operated a small business consulting practice from his home, and has begun to focus more and more on the Internet and bringing the benefits of that technology to small businesses of all types. Beginning in the Fall of 2003, Dick has conducted a free Internet Marketing Clinic each Wednesday evening at the University of Houston Small Business Development Center.

The Edge
Throughout his career, Dick has been actively involved in the development of information management systems and procedures. His years in professional consulting provided insight into many different types of businesses and business environments. He now brings that expertise to the aid of small business in which the greatest leverage for today's highly competitive business environment is a better, smarter and more economic use of computer technology.

Education & Military Service
With a degree in Economics from Texas A & M University, Dick joined the U.S. Navy, became a carrier attack pilot flying A4's in the Pacific Theater and later attended graduate business school at the University of Texas in Austin.

From 1990 through 2003, Dick has been actively involved, as a Board member and as chair of various committees, in Child Advocates, Inc. In 2004, he moved to the Advisory Board. He is also an active, participating member of the Executive Group (a business networking group), and the Greater Houston Partnership.


Dick married Carol Safran in 1976. Carol works as a grant reviewer for local foundations, and as a college mentor for high school students preparing for their college careers. Dick & Carol have two sons, Nolan and David.

Nolan is a graduate of Harvard University with a degree in Computer Science, and has worked for Tellme and, later, for Edusoft in the San Francisco, California area, where he developed advanced management software for school districts. He was profiled in an article  by Malcolm Gladwell in the May 29, 2000 issue of the New Yorker magazine. Nolan recently spent six months traveling in South America through Ecuador, Peru, and Chile to acquire a working knowledge of Spanish and to pursue an interest in ecology and environmental issues. Nolan is now working for Teach For America in New York City.

  David Myers, Actor-Writer, PlaywrightDavid graduated in Theater at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. He attended summer programs at Carnegie-Mellon University and at the New York "Circle in the Square" Repertory Theater. He was a summer intern at the New York Public Theater in 2001. His 2001 lead role in a production at Brown was reviewed in the Brown Daily Herald. During his junior year, he spent a semester in Italy at the University of Bologna. After graduation in 2003, David moved to New York City to pursue his theater interests at the League of American Theaters & Producers. He was the lead in a production of "Jack", playing at the The Looking Glass Theater in Manhattan from February 28 through April 10, 2004. He has served in  a full time position in the Literary Department at the New York Public Theater. David Myers maintains his own web site with a selection of his plays, photographs, and resumes as a writer and as an actor. Some samples of David Myers' recent plays are available for review. He has also posted a short actor's biography. David is presently in the Graduate Playwriting Program at University of California, San Diego


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