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Useful Reference Sites

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The links below are links I have found useful in my efforts to learn more about the subject of effective marketing over the Internet. I have no affiliation with any of the sites mentioned, and am not responsible for anything you might find on them. They have helped me, and maybe they will help you.  

Current information of interest will be added to my Internet Marketing blog.

Here is a short index for your use:

General Information

One of the best general references I have found on the subject is They also have a newsletter that comes out twice a month. Several specific places on the site that I found interesting are and .

An excellent general reference on computer issues of all kinds is They publish a magazine of the same name ("Smart Computing") and additional materials in a "Learning Series" and a "Reference Series". For new business owners who do not come from a technical background, their coverage can be extremely helpful.

A good source of information and definitions of terms is at

For information about the search engines available on the Internet, visit

Keyword Research

To research the words and phrases that are used commonly on the Internet, two great tools are available at GoodKeyWords and WordTracker. Wordtracker is an online tool.  GoodKeyWords is a software package that you download and install on your computer.

After you identify your words and phrases and draft your content, you will want to determine the frequency with which you have used them. Go to the site at  for a handy tool. A slightly different approach, which I like better, is available at SearchEngineWorld. GoogleRankings also offers a keyword density analyzer.

Look up keyword phrases easily in Wordtracker and Overture to see how often they appear in recent search statistics, and get suggestions for other related terms that might apply to your needs.

A Google API (Application Program Interface) to search the web is available at


Here is a collection of other sites that offer keyword research capabilities of various sorts:

* Search Term Research by PrioritySubmit Our latest tool utilizes a database over 10 billion search terms to create the most comprehensive keyword suggestion tools available. Includes 12 months of search data, seasonal trends, misspellings, related keyword research and much more. Requires registration.
* Keyword Research Tool by Webmaster Toolkit Keyword Research Tool will help you research appropriate words and phrases to include in your webpage's body text to aid in promotion.
* Keyword Suggestion Tool by Digital Point Solutions This is a handy little tool that will show you the results of your query from both Wordtracker and Overture for determining which phrases are searched most often.
* Google AdWords Keyword Tool by Google Gives you a good list of suggestions, but no count of the words in order to rank how well they might work for you. Oriented toward getting you to purchase lots of variations of AdWords!
* Keyword Suggestions for Google by SEO Chat The keyword suggestion tool for Google will help you choose relevant and popular terms related to your selected key-term. Simply enter a key-term, and this tool will query information from several Google searches, which it will use to determine popular, and re-occurring terms used by websites in the same industry.
* Keyword Generator by Espotting Media Simply enter a keyword you would like to bid on and we'll show you not only how many searches that keyword has received in the past 30 days, but also additional related searches that include your keyword.
I could not get this tool to work for me! Maybe you will have better luck!


Site Evaluation

For a package of tools that can help you to evaluate how well your site is constructed, check with NetMechanic. There are some free analysis tools on the site, and more that you can pay for and use for your own site or others that you manage.

MARKETLEAP offers a nice tool that will help you see how well your site is indexed by several major search engines. Their tool evaluates what they refer to as "Search Engine Saturation".

Here is a handy tool to help you analyze the links to your site (from GoRank). This will also direct you to other tools provided free of charge by GoRank. You do have to register with them to get access.

One of the tools will tell you what position your site holds in a Google search for a particular keyword phrase. The tool saves you the time of searching for your position in the results.

TermBlaster is an extremely simple program that allows you to set up multiple search engines in its interface and a list of search terms to explore. Then, with a simple "click" of the mouse, you execute the search on the selected engine and view the results in the frame on the right of the page. It is a free download and requires no installation, you simply get an "exe" file on your system that you execute. It is actually a downloadable version of the next tool, ThinkNFind, which is an interactive web site tool. At present, it is "under development", but working. It is a little broader tool than TermBlaster in that it searches other resources, such as news, images, etc.

Google Poodle is a tool that will show you how your site listing appears in the results listings for Google. It crawls several links on your page (that you submit in the field at the top of the form) and displays the Google listing for those pages. You can also switch to a "Diagnostic" view of the page that illustrates just what the search engine sees as it crawls the page. This is an informative perspective (trust me on this one!) The link above crawls my home page. The results change when you enter the URL you are interested in and choose "Poodle Search". Selecting any of the links to the pages crawled will move that URL up into the search field at the top of the page, allowing you to step through your site, or to examine other sites that your page links to.


Site Statistics & Tracking

If your site host does not provide the kinds of statistics that you need to monitor your site, you can find tools at that will assist you. You can also use the support provided at  Either site offers free tracking for you site on a limited basis, or you can elect to subscribe to the services and get more extensive statistics.


Development Tools

HTML Beginners Guide


Style sheets can be problematic, as they are not fully supported by all versions of all browsers. They do still have a place in web site development, however, and for those who choose to use them, I include some references. I have taken the recommendations from a text by Wendy Willard, a newer version of which is available from Amazon.

The home site of the organization that manages the CSS standards and conventions is located at The site offers a basic tutorial on creating a style sheet.

A handy tool for locating common misspellings is provided at SearchSpell, a database of word misspellings, compiled by human beings to reflect actual human misspellings. You can use this tool to generate a list of the most common user typing and spelling errors for various terms. 


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