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In today's economy, many more people are looking for work at home opportunities. Some of those think in terms of small business ideas that they have dreamed of implementing for years. The advent of the Internet has opened doors of opportunity that never existed before for small business or home based business to reach a very broad market.  The key to doing so is effective web site design, consisting of good web page design on every page of the site, followed by continuous web site promotion. Starting a small business has never been so full of opportunity

The links below refer to a collection of stories about small businesses who have created substantial success for themselves by applying internet marketing principles.

We hope you will enjoy reading about them and that you will be inspired to your own success by their example.


A number of businesses have been very successful in utilizing search engine techniques to improve their performance. Read some of their stories at the links below:
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Need a Little Help?

  Do It Yourself ("DIY") web site development can save you a lot of money as a startup operation, but it also takes up a lot of your time that might be better invested in other things that are a more integral part of your business.

I offer consulting services on a flexible plan that allows you to get just the help you need to make your site more effective, while you are still saving money by doing the bulk of the work yourself. My role is really that of a "marketing coach" specializing in helping you to make your web site more effective in attracting people to your site.

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