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further reading about business and technology issues and "tools you can use"

Note: The resources identified on this page are for your convenience in finding tools to help support small businesses and professionals operating home-based businesses.  The tools are provided by independent organizations and their reliability is not warranted or in any way guaranteed by Computer Productivity Consulting.)

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Shareware on line      

Tucows is a leading distributor of e-business services and applications on the Internet. This is one of the best sources of software to be found.


Virus & Hoax Information   

Visit the Symantec site for information on known viruses and hoaxes that appear on the internet. Please go here, or somewhere like it, before you forward warnings to all your friends!  

File Storage Online    

This is one of several providers who allow you to store your files on their server.  This can be useful for "off site backup" for your most important files, or to allow you to "park" some files where they can be accessed through the internet from various locations. This used to be free, but is no longer.


Website SubmissionIf you have a website, you have to check out this incredible resource.  You can use it for free to register your site with all the important search engines and indexes, and THEN decide if and how much you want to pay to support the service!

Want to help other people learn about registering web sites with Search Engines? Take a look at "". This is a terrific tool for getting your site registered so it can be found by the searchers.


Go here to get a great free web form filler and password manager. This helps complete forms on the internet and remembers passwords for most of your sites.  "Takes the work out of it!"


"What is ??"

Ever wonder what some technical term means? Here is an on-line database that you can use to look up definitions of technical terms.

Age of UnreasonAge of Unreason, by Charles Handy, at

This is one of the better books I have ever read about the dynamics of business and constant change, and how it affects us daily. I read it years ago, but it comes back to me constantly.



The Effective ExecutiveThe Effective Executive by Peter Drucker from

Another book from my distant past that lasts, and lasts. This discusses (among other things) how an executive builds on the strengths of his people and himself to become more effective in managing an organization.



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